Have readers noticed the ‘Hats Off to Dimboola’ display in shops around town?  

A number of shops have placed a hat with a sign saying ‘Hats off to Dimboola’ in their windows.  

This project has been started by a group of district ladies who want to liven up the town with art.  

Meran Pilmore was approached by a visitor to the town, who said the town needed enlivening and that the community needed to get some action happening around the town.

The visitor happened to be experienced in brightening up small towns and spent some time with Mrs Pilmore discussing how to get things moving.

From these talks, Mrs Pilmore was able to gather a group of ladies together and started to put some ideas together on displaying art and art projects around the community. The ‘Hats off to Dimboola’ project was their first initiative and promises a lot more things will happen around town.

Mrs Pilmore said, “the group has been rather informal to date, however we are now in the process of formalising the structure of the group so we can move forward.”

“The group so far consists of all ladies, but would welcome the men as well. Dimboola has an enormous resource of artists that can contribute to the projects,” she said.

“We are not short of ideas. We just need the community to support what we are doing and maybe help out on some of our projects,” said Mrs Pilmore.

The vision for the group was to put Dimboola on the map as a ‘go-to arts’ destination and create activities for visitors to the town.

“We are intending to run art tours on Saturday mornings for tourists that includes the Sidney Nolan museum and the Print Museum,” she said.

“We want to include all the schools, clubs and groups in our projects so the whole community is involved.”

“We have an idea on the table to hold a wedding in the main street that is catered for and put on by community groups. This could be a whole week of activities such as a hens party and bucks night,” Mrs Pilmore said.