The Dimboola Town Committee was delighted with the crowd that attended the Carols By Candlelight last Friday night, despite a hot and windy start to the evening.

With the wild weather conditions making things a little difficult, with the Christmas trees at the stage refusing to stay upright in the wind, the volunteers persisted with anchoring down the marquee against the strong winds.

The night started out with a barbeque pumping out the snags, while everyone was lined up for a cold drink.

Allambi volunteers were kept very busy with the popular ice-cream and fruit salad.

The Nhill/Dimboola Brass Band provided the pre-entertainment, while everyone enjoy their tea.

Nhill Dimboola Band playing at the Carols by Candlelight
Nhill Dimboola Band playing at the Carols by Candlelight

The evening host was the wonderful Sharron Cook, who put the show underway with the introduction of Gypsum Rose.

Everyone felt a buzz when the little ‘kinder kids’ filled the stage and performed their carols. One might expect a couple of stars to come out of this group as they grow older.

The feature act ‘Voices of the Wimmera’ just keep getting better, year on year and now in high demand around the Wimmera for their performances.  The group has only been performing for about three years. Voices of Wimmera is a choir established for people who are vulnerable or marginalised through their circumstances and provide a supporting environment for them to participate.

Voices of the Wimmera
Voices of the Wimmera

On the local level, some talented performers took to the stage. Des Lardner, who always makes a big effort to support the Carols with a new costume each year.

This year Mr Lardner did not disappoint the crowd, with his red suit with a green Christmas pattern, a red and white bowler hat and Christmas tie with flashing lights, helped set the scene for his performance.

Mr Lardner was joined by Ann Falkinham, Carly Werner, Becky Barry, Lyla Barry and Tilly Barry who joined Sharon Cook to sing those favorite Christmas songs and carols.

St Peter’s Lutheran School filled the stage and put on a well rehearsed performance also singing all the favourites.

and to highlight what wonderful local talent there is in Dimboola, Carly Werner also sang two solo numbers.

The Dimboola Primary School children had everyone rocking along to Jingle Bell Rock with the children in the group going all out with some fantastic dancing as they enjoyed showing off their young talent.

Dimboola Primary School
Dimboola Primary School

No show is complete without the dancing girls and some of the Dance Now studio students delighted the audience with the trio of Matilda McKinnon, Ava Henderson, and Victoria Ward.

The girls from the Dimboola Guides then put on their act, before Becky Barry delighted the crowd with a singing act with her daughter Tilly Barry.

When the wind velocity dropped, the conditions become quite pleasant at the sound shell, which had kept the crowd hanging around for the most anticipated part of the evening.

The Dimboola fire truck came into the Reserve with lights flashing. Not to attend a fire, but to deliver some very special guests, Santa and his helper.

The noise of the children was almost unbearable when the fire truck stopped outside the Dimboola Rowing Club with the famous guest on board.

As they made their way to the stage, a stream of children followed the guests along the way.

Each child was lined up at the side of the stage and with the help of Santa’s elf, handed each child a gift from the Dimboola Town Committee.