Judith Albracht receives her grand final medal from Glenda Tink
Judith Albracht receives her grand final medal from Wimmera Bowls Region chairperson Glenda Tink

Celebration was called for when Dimboola-1 side defeated Horsham City-1 in the grand final of pennant bowls last Saturday at Coughlin Park.

The last time the Dimboola-1 side won a grand final was in the 2003/2004 season.

2016/17 Dimboola 1 Grand final Winners
2016/17 Dimboola 1 Grand final Winners

Wimmera Bowls Region deputy chairperson Bob Pritchett said, ”this is the bulldogs side of the Wimmera.”

“To see this team who hasn’t won a grand final since 2003 and come up from the underdogs this season is truly another bulldog story,” he said referring to the outstanding win of the Western Bulldogs AFL grand final win.

Each player received their medal in the presentation from Wimmera Bowls Region chairperson Glenda Tink.

Dimboola came from fourth spot on the ladder to make the grand final win over the top side Horsham City-1.

There was a large contingent from Dimboola that traveled to Horsham to witness the historical event.

Dimboola 1 Team Photo after winning the Grand Final

After 75 ends Dimboola were 11 shots up on Horsham City. Horsham City hit back and came within four shots, determined not to let Dimboola take the trophy. Dimboola could see a potential victory and regained their momentum to win by 10 shots.  The final score was Dimboola-1 on 100 defeating Horsham City-1 on 90.

Alan Krahe’s team were big winners winning by 20 shots 35-15. Geoff Gazelle’s team won 23-20, Cliff Unger’s team lost 20-24 and Merv Robert’s team lost 22-31.

Skipper Alan Krahe team was Peter O'loughlin lead, Ron Gaulke second, third Wayne Albrecht.

Skipper Geoff Gazelle team was Max Haby lead, Greg Cook, Second, Darryl Argall third.

Skipper Cliff Unger team was Daniel Danisch lead, Frank Neagle second, Darryl Both third.

Skipper Merv Roberts team was Rob Clarke lead, Judith Albrecht second and Peter Ross third.

The team manager was David Farmer.

After a couple of celebratory drinks at Coughlin Park, the Dimboola team returned home for further celebrations.

A particularly proud Dimboola President Darryl Argall thanked members for their efforts during the year.

“The club has had a successful year,” said Mr Argall

Peter O'Lauchlan
Peter O'Lauchlan