Dimboola Football and Netball Club had a fantastic day last Sunday, as hosts of the Worksafe round of the Wimmera Football League.

Hawthorn legend Peter Knights and netball super star, Eloise Southby along with former Saint Kilda player Leigh Montagna attended for the event.

A black helicopter landed on the croquet green to drop Montagna off and returned to pick him up later in the afternoon.

Montagna was employed by Worksafe to speak about farm safety. He spoke about one of his mates, who purchased a Farm at Euroa and the the tractor rolled over and killed him.

“Gone are the days when you just go and do things around the farm without first considering your safety,” he said.

He was a particularly experienced media personality who provided great entertainment for the lunch guests who paid to hear the talks.

Peter Knights was a little more of a serious speaker who was raised on a dairy farm in Gippsland. He was well aware of the hazards around a farm and was also promoting the farm safety message.  He came from grass roots country football and showed he still had a passion for it.

He said he first put on the boots for the Hawks when he was 16 and doing year 10 at school and the AFL would send a taxi for him down to the dairy farm to take him for training.  He stayed with the Hawthorn club for 17 years, before taking on, the then Brisbane Bears which was owned, at the time by Christopher Skase.

“Professional football only became a full time occupation just 17 years ago, “ said Mr Knight.

Netball Australia Eloise Southby, Leigh Montagna and Peter Knights
Netball Australia Eloise Southby, Leigh Montagna and Peter Knights at Dimboola

Knight describes the offer from the ALF to go to Brisbane to coach a team that had no name, no colours and training ground as challenging.

Eloise Southby is an Australian sports commentator and former netball player. She was co-captain of the Melbourne Phoenix with fellow goalie, Sharelle McMahon, and also played for the Australia national netball team.

While everyone was enjoying the lunch, served by the 15 and Under netballers, the Reserves were out on the field giving the Horsham Demons a really ‘good go’ and eventually going on to win the game.  The boys played some really great football.

Leigh Montagna speaks to the luncheon at Dimboola
Leigh Montagna speaks to the luncheon at Dimboola

The guests remained for the senior game and Montagna flew out in the helicopter, while the others remained for the rest of the game. The Worksafe guests continued to mix with the spectators and provide autographs for their fans, while the senior game was played.

There was plenty of support from Dimboola enthusiasts for the event and the game.