A highly distressed Dimboola district resident, Robyn Fraser was alerted on Sunday evening, when she heard what she thought was a child screaming in her garden.

Then she heard a dog bark, but what she actually heard was was even more distressing as a dog was attacking a kangaroo in her garden.

Mrs Fraser lives on the edge of the Little Desert National Park and kangaroos, along with other wildlife visit her garden on a daily basis.

She rushed outside to find a dog running from her garden and out on the road. When she had reached the bottom of the garden she found the dead kangaroo.

Obviously a rather disturbed Mrs Fraser started yelling at the dog.  

A vehicle came down Horseshoe Bend road and the dog doubled back and hopped into the vehicle.

She approached the driver of the vehicle and established that the driver was the owner of the dog.

The Kangaroo was known to Mrs Fraser who had been visiting her garden for 15 years.

Mrs Fraser said, “last season the kangaroo had a joey.”

“I had rang 000 and got onto Nhill Police who could not attend. There were no police available in the area at the time. They then sent the Hindmarsh Shire Ranger. I found the orphaned joey and it has now gone to a wildlife rescuer for care without its mother,” she said.

“I help feed the wildlife, as I had worked as a wildlife rescuer when I was working,” she said.

“The dog I believe was a greyhound and belongs to a person from a nearby property.”

Mrs Fraser would like people to be aware that if they come across injured wildlife to phone 000. “They will put you in contact with the appropriate people,” she said.