Dear Sir, I understand that the Nhill Council has obtained a demolition order to demolish the Dimboola Hotel, a substantial icon in Dimboola. If this is allowed to happen it would be a tragedy. I have been in Dimboola a number of times and have always thought what a great attraction this Hotel is to the town, with its tower and verandahs and current artwork along the walls. I had been in this hotel before the tragic fire and believe even in its current state is worth maintaining and restoring and once again becoming an attraction to the town.  I am told that it has been a place where the Dimboola community gathered. So to the people of Dimboola and surrounding communities I hope you save this Iconic icon of the Dimboola Hotel, one that has featured in that great play/movie "Dimboola". A vacant block of land or anything else for that matter will not look the same as the "Dimboola Hotel". Yours etc. Peter Hood PO Box 854 (NFP) Albury, NSW