New Town Planner Andre Daltan
New Town Planner Andre Dalton

Hindmarsh Shire Council has just employed a new town planning officer, and has moved into the area to perform his duties.

Andre Dalton comes with considerable experience as a town planner, having worked for several councils, all over Australia.  

Reserves forward wing player for the Dimboola Roos, Alistair Griffith quickly got alongside Andre, and  invited him to have a run for the Roos Reserves.

“I think it is important that Andre gets involved with the community, and there is no better way than having a game of football,” said Mr Griffith.   

Alistair Griffith attended the game as a spectator last weekend, to what apparently seemed that he stood aside, to make a spot for his new work colleague.

“No I had another reason not to play this weekend,” said Mr Griffith.

“Mick Polycarpou has four games to go for his 500, and I stood down to let him work towards achieving this extraordinary achievement,” he said.

“Hopefully Mick should get his 500 games before the end of the season.”

When asking Mick’s wife Lisa Polycarpou if he intends to hang up the boot after he reaches his 500th game, she said, “knowing Mick probably not. He is not one to give things up easily.”

“He will be sitting around and then say, I think I will go and have a run with the team at training,” said Lisa.

Mick Polycarpou now has 497 games. Three short of his 500.