Members of the Dimboola VRI gathered at the VRI hall to remember the ANZAC’s on ANZAC Day. Many whom attended the morning services at the War Memorial then went to the VRI Hall and laid a wreath in remembrance of the Victorian Railway Men of the 2nd Railway Unit that was formed in 1916 who fought in World War 1.

World War 2 also had a significant impact on the Victorian Railways. In addition to vastly increased traffic, resulting from the need to move men and munitions to the war zones, a significant proportion of the capacity of Newport workshops were diverted to the production of war materials, ranging from aircraft fuselages, to armoured fighting vehicles, and tug boat hulls. Newport workshops were also made an assembly point for the ill-fated Australian Standard Garratt (an example of this type of locomotive is preserved in the Railway Museum). To meet the demands of wartime traffic, an additional batch, of the 1922 designed, K Class light goods locomotives were also constructed.   

Families then enjoyed a light lunch and played many of the old games of the war era in the hall.