Dimboola 17 and Under netballers played Horsham Saints in Ararat last Saturday, for a thrilling victory that sees the girls book their place in the 2018 Grand Final.

Horsham Saints wanted to take down the top Wimmera League team and came on to the court with plenty of determination.

The Dimboola girls did not quite have their game together in the first quarter, where it was the work of Stephanie Glover and Olivia Lehmann that managed to keep the score rate low.

Despite having 11 goals, they were still three goals down on the Saints. Zanaiya Bergen kept the ball in the hoops when the opportunity was there, but the pace was not quite there in the centre play.      

In the second quarter Ruby Redford made every opportunity count and started to get the goal count up, with plenty of help from Mackenzie Ryen and Macey Laverty. The pace improved and the girls started to turn things to their favour. By halftime the Roo’s had swung it back their way by three goals.

In the third, Delta Wardle came on court in the centre and worked the ball with Sophie Warner  and took a huge amount of intercepts and quickly sent the ball out to the goal scorer. The girls had the Saints baffled and ran away with 17 goals for the quarter where the Saints could only manage five.

In the final the Saints came back at the Roo’s with 12 goals and were determined to take over the game, however the Roo’s showed the Saints why they are the best team in the Wimmera League with another 16 goals placing them with a comfortable win and a ticket to the grand finals.

The grand final will be played at ANZAC Park Warracknabeal on Saturday September 22 at 12.00pm

The final score was Dimboola 58 defeating Horsham Saints with 39.

Best on court were Stephanie Glover, Ruby Redford and Maycey Laverty

15 and Under

The Dimboola Roo’s 15 and Under side played Stawell in the semi-finals at the Recreation Reserve last Saturday.

There was a large crowd of locals, courtside to cheer on the girls, against a side that they had lost to both times they met through the season.

In the first quarter Olivia Riemann worked the centre well and took plenty of intercepts, however Stawell were quick to get control back and the ball down their end of the court.  Emily Polack and Macey Laverty worked to limit the score at defence, however our team struggled to get the ball to the goal scorer leaving them six goals down in the opening quarter.

In the second the girls pushed harder, trying all they could to stop the onslaught that Stawell were pushing for. With some great play from Tara Petschel and Paige Glover, they made Stawell work for every possession. Delta Wardle and Madalyn Toet made the most of the scoring opportunities when they arose.

In the third, Emma Baker was put on the court and her presence was noticed and the score rate increased, however Stawell continued to move the score forward in their favour.

The final quarter saw the Roo girls put on a really determined fight to try and gain control. Unfortunately this was not going to be the case and Stawell were the victors on the day.

The final score Dimboola 17 lost to Stawell 42.

The best on court were Emily Polack, Delta Wardle and Macey Laverty