Hindmarsh Shire Council has recently acquired a portable graffiti removal kit that is available for community use.
Although graffiti incidences are rare around the Shire, on the occasion that it does occur, community groups will now be able to take swift action in removing the offending marks.
Hindmarsh Shire Council Chief Executive Officer Tony Doyle reminds residents that “We are very lucky that graffiti is not a major problem in our Shire. Most incidents are small marks in public toilets along the highway, and these, along with any other marks on Council property are immediately taken care of by town maintenance staff. However, damage that occurs to private property can be distressing to residents, so this portable kit will enable the community to keep their streetscapes free of graffiti.”
The portable graffiti removal kit was provided to Council by the Victorian State Government as part of a bid to reduce unsightly graffiti around the state. It is known that the sooner graffiti is removed, the less likely it is to be replaced, as swift removal reduces the reward to the offender who placed the graffiti. Graffiti also tends to be easier to clean soon after it is marked.
Mr Doyle reminds residents, “If your property is marked by graffiti, the first thing to do is report the incident to Victoria Police. Following that, you may call Council to enquire about organising assistance with Graffiti removal. It is hoped that community groups, sports clubs, and service organisations may be able to assist residents that are unable to use the kit on their own.”
The kit contains a high pressure water system, ‘green’ cleaning chemicals, cleaning implements, personal protective equipment, and an instructional DVD. For enquiries or to book the kit, please contact Sarah Etherton on 5391 4444.