The Little Desert Nature Lodge that was due to close last Friday may have a buyer to take over the property.

Conservation Volunteers Victoria that had owned the property since 2011, announced earlier this year that the Lodge will be sold and if a buyer was not found, it would be close at the end of November this year.

The property was placed on the market with a price of $1.15 million after CVA identified the asset was not a part of its core business and failed to turn the enterprise into a profit.

Gary Driscoll from Driscoll, McIllree and Dickinson confirmed circumstances surrounding the sale of the lodge and sanctuary last week.

“All parties who have shown interest in the property are keen for the lodge to continue to operate as retreat accommodation with an adjoining nature sanctuary. We have a willing buyer and a willing seller,” he said

The property is unique in that it has a vermin proof fence that surrounds the 117 hectare property that can accommodate up to 120 guests.

One group was trying to acquire the property as a social enterprise so the the property would continue as a conservation and tourism property. The Banner understands that this group was not the successful bidders.

Wimpey and Maureen Reichelt establish the property in 1969 as an ecotourism venture.

As a sanctuary the lodge is home to rare and endangered animals endemic to Little Desert.

It is understood by the Dimboola Banner that the property needs considerable investment to upgrade the accommodation facilities that are renovated second world war buildings salvaged from Nhill.