Mick Polycarpou 500th game
Mick Polycarpou 500th game

When it comes to football, few in their football career can claim they have 500 games played, under their belt, and even less can claim they have played 500 games for the same club.  

This Saturday the Dimboola Football and Netball club will celebrate with Mick Polycarpou for his 500th game at the Recreation Reserve against the Warrack Eagles.


The Polycarpou name is well renowned and established around the Dimboola Sporting Club, ensuring there will be many who will want to come down to the Reserve, to congratulate Mick on this truly rare achievement.


Mick’s sons Scott and Mark will come home from University to celebrate with the family and be there to cheer their Dad onto the ground.



-by President Col Campbell

This Saturday marks a very special occasion for Dimboola football and netball clubs longest playing servant. Mick Polycarpou will be taking the field for his 500th club game. It all started way back last century in 1981 when Mick made his debut for Dimboola. Mick was a relative late starter, having never played junior football. It took Mick seven years to make his senior debut in 1988, which is one of the many highlights of his career. Along the journey Mick has managed to play in six grand final sides, but never been able to take home the ‘silverware’.

This in itself is a huge achievement, with many players never even making a grand final. In 2015 Mick had the special moment of playing his first game with twin sons Scott and Mark under the pines at Dimmy.

This is a feat, where not too many that have played the game ever get to do, and I'm sure it's something the three will never forget.

Other achievements Mick has collected along the way have been passing Rob Pilmore as games played record holder a few years back, and also the record for most amounts of footy trips.

Back in his younger days Mick was always the one out the front at pre-season training, setting the pace on the long runs around town, which is made all the more ‘super human’ because of the amount of Benson & Hedges he used to put away.

Mick has managed to get through his career with minimal injuries having 37 hamstring injuries, two finger operations but now battling old age and sore knees.

Congratulations Mick on such a massive milestone, to have someone at a club for over 35 years is great, but to be playing for 500 games is nearly unheard of. Congratulations on such a long and fruitful career.  Well Done Mick.


There will be a small presentation for Mick in the clubrooms after the senior game so come along and share your stories about Mick which I'm sure there will be plenty.