Mild weather conditions in the Wimmera signal the opportunity to conduct planned burns over coming weeks starting from next week, weather permitting.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and Parks Victoria will carry out a 186 hectare planned burn in the Little Desert, 12 kilometres south west of Dimboola.

The Little Desert - East Block Charcoal Flat Track burn will provide fuel reduced areas of sufficient width and continuity to limit the speed and intensity of bushfires.

Forest Fire Management Wimmera District Manager Russell Manning said, “planned burning is carried out to reduce the threat of damaging bushfires to communities and the environment.”

“As Autumn progresses, experienced fire crews will be carrying out planned burns to reduce bushfire fuels to make bushfires less intense,” Mr Manning said.

“To effectively reduce fuel, we need to carry out burns in the bush and also in areas close to communities. We burn in remote areas to minimise the spread of fires that can then threaten houses and communities.”

“A key focus of our planned burn program this year will be the boundaries of the Little Desert National Park and a number of larger burns within the Grampians National Park.”


“At every opportunity we will continue to burn fuel from around the edge of the park to prevent the spread of fires from within the park.”

“This necessary work, done under carefully managed conditions, greatly reduces the impact of bushfires by reducing available fuel amounts.”

“Reducing bushfire fuel means fires are less intense, making it more likely that firefighters can contain them before they impact on people, property and the environment.”

“The weather is the biggest challenge for the planned burn program. We can only burn when the weather, and conditions like wind, temperature and fuel moisture levels are right.”

The Chief Fire officer is currently the final approver of all planned burns. This measure is in place as DELWP changes its approach to risk management in response to the recommendations of the Lancefield-Cobaw Fire Investigation.

You can also register for the Planned Burns Notification System (PBNS), an opt-in system that can send you an SMS or email message prior to a burn being carried out, and when it is in progress.